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Vitrabond FR is a metal composite panel that comprises of a fire-resistant core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets or other natural metal sheets such as zinc, copper, or Stainless steel. This product composition results in outstanding surface flatness and strength to weight ratio.

Vitrabond FR’s versatility also extends to its workability in that it can be easily curved, folded or shaped to be used for facades, fascia, soffits, awnings, balustrades as well as for interior cladding applications.

As the Vitrabond FR panels are lightweight panels, this makes them quick and easy to install using either a concealed tape-fix system or by fabricating into pre-made cassettes; fixing to a top hat sub-structure with hidden mechanical fittings.  Vitrabond is also a great solution when paired with one of our Arrowhead purpose-build cladding installation systems. Find out more

Vitrabond FR Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited color range – we have a selection of standard finishes that we call our Express range as they are available in our Connecticut warehouse for immediate delivery as well as natural metals, anodized finishes, woodgrains and specialty finishes.
  • Durable and lightweight – our panels have a robust durability, and their lightweight makes them an attractive choice for installers and fabricators.
  • Superior finish – we use the highly recognised PVDF KYNAR 500® or FEVE paints known for their high durability, optimum weather resistance and protection from industrial pollution.
  • Easy to fabricate – Vitrabond panels can be machine cut, routed, roll-bended, folded, and perforated without any loss of structural integrity.
  • Cost effective – popular amongst architects and builders as they offer a clean and modern look as well as rapid and cost-effective installation.

Specification Documents & Programs

Fairview has a digital Architectural Binder where you can access specification documents, CAD drawings, BIM files and more. Access the Fairview Architectural Digital Binder here.

Fairview products can also be easily specified through the Masterspec and Speclive programs. Access our products directly using the links below:

To learn more about specifying our products and systems, we offer AIA-approved CES courses. Find out more on our course information page. You can also request a course booking from this page or contact our team for more information.


Fairview Architectural’s CADdetails
Digital Architectural Binder

You can access our specification documents, CAD drawings and BIM files in the Digital Architectural finder available on CADdetails. This program has been developed specifically for design professionals to get specific product information into your working plans. What you will find in our binder:

  • Specifications for each Fairview product
  • Technical manuals
  • CAD drawings
  • BIM files

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Our premium façade cladding products are manufactured from high grade aluminum and to the highest standards in order to perform the best for your project.



Product warranties provide you with power so it is important to understand them prior to specifying a façade cladding product.


Our Express Vitrabond Finishes

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We offer a free sample service where you can choose from a range of colors and finishes. 

Here are some most popular ones.

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