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4mm Aluminum Composite Material

Vitrabond® is a metal composite panel that comprises of a fire-resistant core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets or other natural metal sheets such as zinc, copper, or Stainless steel. This product composition results in outstanding surface flatness and strength to weight ratio.

Vitrabond® versatility also extends to its workability in that it can be easily curved, folded or shaped to be used for rainscreen panels, fascia, soffits, column covers, interior cladding applications and much more. 

As the Vitrabond® panels are lightweight panels, this makes them quick and easy to install using either a concealed tape-fix system or by fabricating into pre-made panels; fixing to an extruded aluminum sub-structure with hidden mechanical fittings.  Vitrabond® is also a great solution when paired with one of our Arrowhead purpose-build cladding installation systems. Find out more

Why use Vitrabond FR?


We only use PVDF KYNAR 500® or FEVE paints known for their high durability, optimum weather resistance and industrial pollution protection. 


Our Vitrabond® aluminum composite material lightweight and easy to install on our patented Arrowhead® Panel Systems as well as any other tested facade installation system.


Bring your vision to life with our unlimited color range.  We can match any color, even if it is from a police officers uniform (and yes, true story).


We have millions of square feet in stock of our Vitrabond® 4mm ACM ranging from solids to woodgrains and beyond. In-stock material is ready to ship in just 2-5 days. Get in touch with us today to see what’s available!


Bring almost any design to life with ACM. Vitrabond® sheets can be routed, cut, roll-bended, folded, and perforated to turn any vision into a reality. Combine form and function on your next project with Vitrabond® 4mm ACM.


Need extra sheets? Looking for testing data? Need some samples? Have engineering questions? Or just want to chat?

Call or email our team today, we are ready to assist in any way! 860-242-2711 or email



The Boulevard at 110 Broad Street, Boston, MA. Designed by Finegold Alexander Architects. Click here to view the project.


Fairview Architectural offers a warranty for Vitrabond® covering the finish durability and the product durability. Depending on the finish, the Vitrabond® finish warranty is up to 30 years. Product warranty includes aspects such as delamination, and the Vitrabond® product warranty is up to 20 years. 


Finish Warranty: Up to 30 years

Product Warranty: Up to 20 years


It takes a lot of raw materials and some high-tech processes to make Vitrabond® sheets. As Vitrabond® is a composite panel, formed from two skins of 0.020″ aluminum bonded to a mineral core, there are many steps to make the finished product. The manufacturing processes and materials used within Vitrabond® are what make it so versatile, flexible, and achieve any design intent.

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