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What’s Fairview’s Story?


Fairview Architectural was started in 2004 as a family business dedicated to servicing the aluminum composite façade market in Australia.

In 2012, we expanded into the North American market which allowed us to establish a global presence and to grow our suite of façade cladding solutions and make them available to a wider audience. This expansion also enabled us to develop more innovative products and showcase our professionalism and experience to the construction industry.

Since the expansion, Fairview Architectural North America has achieved unprecedented growth by continuing to offer products and solutions for our customers that meet their specific needs and the needs of the market.

Fairview’s range of products are distributed in many countries globally. Product features and availability may differ between locations. Please note that each location is independently operated by local management and ownership to ensure that the individual needs of the local markets are satisfied.

Our range of metal composite material / aluminum composite material offer a complete facade package with patent pending products. This includes versatile facade materials, fully tested labor saving cladding installation systems and an in-house training program.

The suite of metal cladding products available from Fairview includes: Vitrabond FR (fire-resistant aluminum composite material), Vitrabond G2 (an engineered aluminum plate panel), Vitraplate (3mm (1/8”) pre-finished solid aluminum cladding), Edgeline (pre-finished premium flashing material) and Arrowhead (panel installation systems that currently has three options to choose from: ArrowheadFLEX, ArrowheadLEAN and ArrowheadFLUSH). Our RapidWrap CI is a Continuous Insulation System that has been fully-tested to NFPA-285 and ASHRAE 90.1 and provides increased thermal performance benefits.

For more information on any of our products, please call our team on 860-242-2711, email us at helpdesk@fairview-na.com or use our online form.

Our Mission

Spreading success through quality business relationships and being structured to respond to market demands.

Our Vision

The most convenient source for premium building façade products, bringing material safety and innovation to the industry.

Join our team

If you are interested in joining the dynamic team at Fairview you can find out more information on our Careers page.

Our Values

Trust & Respect

• We work together as a Team to create a culture of interdependence built on trust, respect and dignity for all. • We assume the best of each other, and give our best to each other. We generously give others the benefit of the doubt.

Achievement & Excellence

• We strive for excellence in everything we do; we challenge the current thinking and look beyond the obvious.


Customer Service

• We work to make our clients successful, because our success depends on their success. • We under-promise and over-deliver by setting clear, honest and accurate expectations.

Meaningful Innovation

• We are structured to respond to market demands, so our innovation always contributes to the success of our clients.


Accountability & Integrity

• We collaborate easily in a risk-free atmosphere. We avoid politics and hidden agendas with open, honest , clear and direct communications. • We make mistakes, and freely seek help to resolve them and learn from them… because we are not afraid of failure. • We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard at the minutest level of detail even when nobody is watching.


Can Do/Will Do

• We are problems-solvers, passionate about developing and presenting solutions for every project and challenge that comes our way. • We seek help from others, but we don’t pass our responsibility off to others. • Each person’s contribution is critical to the success of the Team.


Brand Promise

The only customer-success focused building façade manufacturer that drives industry innovation for construction professionals in North America in an era of sustainability and technological advancements.

Community Involvement

We are proud to support the following charities:

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We offer a free sample service where you can choose from a range of colors and finishes. 

Here are some most popular ones.

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