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Understanding cladding product warranties


There are two main Elements to Cladding Product Warranties. We know what you are thinking. Product warranties… yawn?! Not today. Warranties are power and understanding them fully will help you avoid any nasty surprises on your project.

  • Manufacturing warranty – supplied by the manufacturer on all products
  • Finish/coating warranty – based on paint manufacturer tested warranty periods

We encourage you to read through your manufacturer warranties prior to specifying or purchasing your façade cladding products. Therefore, if you are not happy with what you have read you are still able to walk away and start looking for an alternative solution.

Beware of warranties that sound too good to be true such as finish warranties that go beyond that go against paint manufacturer guidelines. With this information you will be armed with enough information to judge whether a warranty is fact or fiction.


Types of Warranty Available


Manufacturing warranty

The warranty should clearly state the name of the specific product used or proposed for use, thickness and the type of core material. It should also state what is not covered by the warranty eg, incorrect installation, storage of panels prior to installation or abnormal exposure to weather conditions. These conditions are to cover both parties so should be read carefully.


Finish/coating warranty

Just as having the product clearly stated in the warranty the finishes should also be stated by name and ideally with the manufacturer’s specific code. You should then be information of the period that the warranty is valid for and what is covered under this ie, that the surface coating on the panels with not do the following when exposed to weather:

  • Flake
  • Blister
  • Check
  • Crack
  • Peel

The panels standard should be stated in the warranty document. For exterior cladding panel coatings this should be AAMA2605, high-performance exterior specification. Paints will only achieve this specification if they have a 70% fluoropolymer resin-based (Kynar 500) coating. These coatings are superior in the cladding industry because they offer outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, gloss reduction and chemical influences in the environment, and your supplier should be able to provide a copy of this standard on request so that you can read it in conjunction with the warranty.



What do you need to do? In order for product panels and finishes to last for the length of their warranty period and ideally beyond, it is important to have the panels cleaned in accordance with the manufacturers care and maintenance guide. Not following these guidelines can also make your warranty null and void so make sure that are aware of this in advance of making your decision on product selection.


If you have any questions about anything that you have read above, please feel free to contact us.


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