How to specify Metal Panel Facades – Part IV: Installation

Nov 5, 2021Blogs, Edgeline, Product News, Vitrabond, VitrabondG2, Vitraplate

is how Metal Panel Material… Mounting System… Fabricator… Installer… or all 4??   This continues to be probably the most confused topic in the Metal Panel Façade industry. We have broken this important topic into four parts. If you missed the first, second or third parts you can find them below: Part I: Sheet Material Part II: Installation Systems Part III: Fabrication   This fourth and final part in the series looks at installation as the last topic in our overview of the supply chain from raw material to the building: Sheet Material > Installation System > Fabrication > Installation   INSTALLATION: The Installer installs (obviously) the fabricated panels on the building. Sometimes they are also the Fabricator, and often their scope includes other areas such as waterproofing, fenestration, storefronts, glazing, and roofing.   The Installation of the fabricated panels onto the building is possibly the most important piece of the puzzle… the best panels with the best system installed wrong can be disastrous a few years, or sooner, down the road.   Important considerations for specifiers for installers are similar to that of fabricators, such as:
  • Ensuring the installer is trained and certified by the system manufacturer (and not just “pay-to-play”)
  • knowing that the installer understands the important considerations of the system you are specifying (i.e. effects of thermal expansion), and that the installer has a good relationship with the fabricator, system manufacturer and the panel manufacturer.
  Once again, our advice is to not dismiss an installer because they have not taken on a project of this size before, their past performance on smaller projects combined with their hunger for a good reputation might yield better results than choosing the big guy just because they are big. (Of course the large installers can perform well too!).   So, which one should I specify? The Panel Manufacturer, the Systems Manufacturer, the Fabricator, or the Installer?   As there are many testing requirements that apply to the Panel Material and to the Installation System, these two are the most important to specify correctly. If you have had good experience with a Fabricator and Installer, or if they have given assistance in the design of the project, I strongly recommend including them in the specification.   Whatever you choose, it is most important to clearly differentiate between the Panel Manufacturer and the Installation System in your specifications.   Here is how you can apply this information now: I hope this helps build a greater understanding in the Metal Wall Panel industry! Please be free to message me directly if I can be of any assistance!   Visit our blog at for more thought-provoking posts, and learn more about Vitrabond MCM and our Arrowhead Installation System at
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