Comparison of the Fire-Resistant Aluminum Composite Panel brands in USA

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The global adoption of aluminum composite panels or ACPs for exterior and interior cladding is continuing its acceleration within the construction market. Architects and individual consumers are discovering it challenging to switch from this flexible construction material to any obvious replacement; despite the present surge of fire occurrences in numerous locations across the world due to using the highly flammable polyethylene core (PE) ACM, the benefits of fire-resistant core (FR) aluminum composite panels are hard to achieve without increasing the cost.


In this article we look at the basic product characteristics of the most common brands of fire-rated aluminum composite material. While for larger projects and high-rise application we see the market transitioning to non-combustible materials such as our Vitraplate® or VitrabondG2® products, many in the industry feel that fire-resistant ACM will always have a place in our society when used correctly.


The following information is taken from publicly available information at the time of writing this article:



A fire-retardant core is combined with two sheets of coil-coated aluminum, or other natural metals like stainless steel, copper, or zinc in a continuous fusion process to obtain the Vitrabond FR metal composite panel. Vitrabond®FR is available in 4mm and 6mm thickness to provide extra rigidity.



ALUCOBOND® PLUS is a composite panel made of a polymer and mineral core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. As the original “aluminum composite material,” ALUCOBOND® PLUS consists of two thin sheets of aluminum thermo-bonded to a solid, fire-retardant core.



ALPOLIC®/fr is a fire-resistant panel composed of two thin panels of aluminum laminated to either side of a mineral-filled thermoplastic core. The aluminum surfaces have been coil-coated before bonding with an advanced Lumiflon® FEVE resin in a variety of finishes and colors.



Reynobond® FR metal composite wall panels consist of an extruded, 0.12”/3mm thick, polyethylene core with mineral flame retardant and laminated between two aluminum skins. The skins of painted Reynobond® ACM are composed of a 3000 series aluminum alloy.


Which Aluminum Composite Panel IS BEST FOR YOU?

 Although the color and consistency of the core may vary between brands, Vitrabond® FR, Alucobond® Plus, Alpolic® FR, and Reynobond® FR are all viable options in many situations where fire-resistant materials are allowed.


As manufacturers of Vitrabond FR we can attest to the superior quality of our aluminum composite material that is available in 4mm or 6mm thickness. This highly versatile cladding is durable, lightweight and easy to install – a perfect solution for your interior and exterior applications. Vitrabond FR features and benefits include it’s almost unlimited color range, lightweight and durability, superior finishes, and ease of fabrication, making this material stand out in the current ACM market.

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