Why architects are trending towards natural Zinc finishes

Dec 17, 2019 | Blogs, Featured, Vitrabond, VitrabondG2

We have been tracking this trend for a while now, but we felt the time had come to make it official. Based on our sample requests and building façade project orders, we have definitely noticed a trend towards using natural Zinc finishes on our Vitrabond® metal composite material. It’s not hard to understand why designers and architects are choosing to use zinc finishes.

Below are just some of the key benefits of choosing natural zinc finishes on building facades:

Weather Resistance

Natural Zinc finishes offer excellent weather resistance, with their natural ability to form a patina that protects from rust and corrosion. This also provides you with an ever-changing and naturally evolving finish.

Longevity and Sustainability

Zinc finishes have the benefit of lasting for several decades thanks to the naturally occurring patina that increases the longevity of the finish. They are also 100% recyclable making them an environmentally-friendly building solution.

Unlike the oxidation process of steel that forms rust and eventually corrodes overtime and renders the surface unusable, zinc has the ability to resist corrosion due to a unique reaction. When zinc is exposed to moisture and the carbon dioxide that is present in our atmosphere, a protective layer of zinc carbonate forms on its surface. The resulting zinc-carbonate layer creates a beautiful bluish patina that also has aesthetic appeal.


Another unique characteristic of zinc is that it can “heal” itself overtime. As it continues to patina throughout its lifetime, scratches and imperfections that were once present will virtually disappear Zinc comes in a wide range of colors that include reds, blues and greys as well as a slate and graphite finishes. The textured aspect of the pre-weathered zinc shows through the color, similar to the grain in wood. See our color chart for more information.

Our Zinc Partnership

The increased interest in zinc contributed to our decision to form a strategic partnership with RHEINZINK America as the exclusive provider of Zinc Composite Material (ZCM) using their finishes. This collaboration has already seen us work together on a variety of projects, including the 70 Carlton Street project and the magnificent Bank of the Ozarks project (currently under construction). As shown above there are many benefits to using zinc finishes on building facades, however, when combined with composite material you get the additional performance benefits from this product. Find out more about the extra benefits of using Vitrabond® Zinc Composite Material on your next building façade project here.

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