Top 10 construction projects using unique and custom finishes

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Architects are tasked with finding the perfect finish for their projects. With the right finish, you can create a unique and striking look that will really make your project stand out from the rest. At Fairview, we have helped architects develop some of the most complex and beautiful custom finishes for projects throughout North America. Here are our top 10 custom projects that have really made an impact.


1. CSX East – Washington, DC

Our team worked with R2L Architects to develop seven different rust finishes for the metal cladding material on the exterior of this project in Washington, DC. We used our color lab to ensure each individual rust color was just right.

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2. The Heming (Scotts Run), Washington, DC

The Heming building is part of the Scotts Run development in Washington, DC. Designed by CallisonRTKL, now known as Arcadis, this development features over 190,000sf of Vitrabond FR panels in two custom finishes, Dusty Charcoal and SOG Gray. The exterior finishes also include two of Fairview’s Express Range finishes that are in stock and ready to ship within 2-5 days.

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3. 808-812 Memorial Drive – Cambridge, MA

We manufactured 240,000 sf of VitrabondFR cladding panels to refresh these 1970s apartment buildings in Cambridge, MA. The design for the exterior was developed using custom finishes: “Clay”, “Sedona” and a match to “Pantone 41-6U”.

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4. 14 LeCount/The Stella – New Rochelle, NY

This project designed by Beyer Blinder Belle architects required an imitation concrete finish on metal cladding. We developed a special finish called “Ivory Concrete” that was able to perfectly mimic the look and texture of concrete. A total of 142,000sf of Ivory Concrete was used on this project.

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5. Oregon State University, Portland, OR

The Oregon State University’s Collaborative Life Sciences Building project showcases a custom woodgrain finish in Maple. This project is also a great example of how a seamless exterior can be achieved using Vitrabond FR MCM panels with matching Edgeline flashing material.

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6. The Parker – Alexandria, VA

This residential development in Alexandria, VA was designed with an exterior façade that is bright and fun and brings joy to the neighborhood. This can also be seen in the names chosen for the custom finishes Laughing Orange and Humorous Green that were developed on Vitrabond FR MCM panels.

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7. UPENN – Philadelphia, PA

The multi-award winning Stephan A. Levin building at the University of Pennsylvania features a unique Nordic Green Pre-Patina Copper and a Cannon Grey custom finish on VitrabondFR facade cladding panels.

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8. Wyndham Garden Hotel – Brooklyn, NY

Designed by Horst Design International, the Wyndham Garden Hotel features a custom exterior façade using a chromatic coral finish. Chromatic finishes symbolize prestige, quality and status and will make a statement on any building project.

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9. The Essex – New York, NY

The Essex is a residential development located at 125 Delancey Street in New York. It is one of the tallest buildings on the Lower East Side and was designed by Handel Architects. The exterior façade features an asymmetrical design with folded metal panels in a variety of patterns made from more than 165,000 sf of VitrabondFR MCM in custom bronze metallic and custom black metallic finishes.

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10. Brandeis University – Skyline Residence

Our VitrabondFR 4mm aluminum composite panels in Deep Taupe were used on Brandeis University’s Skyline Residence. This custom finish was specially designed by our team to meet the specific needs of this project.

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At Fairview, we have the capability to create custom finishes or color matches to achieve the desired outcome for an architect on their project. Get in touch to find out more about our custom matching service and also our standard to specialty range of finishes.

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