Are you reaping the rewards of single-source supply?

Single-source supply has always been a popular choice in many industries. We are seeing an increasing trend for bundling purchases on construction projects, and more product variety is being specified driving demand for single-sourcing to ensure product compatibility. It’s not surprising, as there are many benefits of single-sourcing for construction projects as we will explain below.

The number one benefit of single source supply is being able to control integration and compatibility between products. With exterior cladding finishes, having all products single-sourced ensures that there are a) no batch differences and b) that all metal finishes will age the same. We have all no doubt seen that building project that looked great when it was first built but now the roof parapet no longer matches the façade panels! This could have easily been avoided by procuring the parapet and façade materials from the same source.

Other advantages of sourcing from a single supplier include:

  • Lower pricing due to bundling of multiple products in one order
  • Reduced workload due to only having to communicate with one supplier
  • Ease of supplier management as only have fewer suppliers to track
  • One delivery schedule to reduce potential delays

At Fairview Architectural our mission is to be “the most convenient source for premium building façade products, bringing material safety and innovation to the industry”. That is why we have developed and continue to develop our product range with convenience and single sourcing in mind. Instead of following the norm, we are the only solid and composite metal facade manufacturer that also offers flashing material and a fully-tested installation system.

In addition, due to increasing demand for our flashing material on upcoming construction projects, we are now stocking 19 finishes in our Edgeline material in our Connecticut warehouse. Ready to ship anywhere in the US and Canada. Contact us today for more information.

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We offer a free sample service where you can choose from a range of colors and finishes. 

Here are some most popular ones.

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