Our Guide to Custom Colors and Finishes for Metal Cladding Material 

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As a member of the architectural community, we understand how important custom finishes and colors are to the quality and look of the final project. All too often, we’ve seen construction projects take a sharp departure from the original design intent for the metal cladding material due to the inability of other companies to custom match the desired colors and finishes. 

Instead, our goal at Fairview is to understand and develop colors and finishes that enable architects and owners to achieve their original design intent. No design departures here! 

That’s why our approach is not about what colors and finishes we have in stock—it is about what you as the designer are looking for. 

Keep reading to learn more about our custom finishes for metal cladding material and how we can achieve your design vision together just as you intended. 

What are Fairview’s standard colors and finishes for metal cladding material? 

We offer an express range of finishes that are always in stock at our Connecticut warehouse location. We presently have over 20 standard stock finishes, comprised of 9 solid colors, 9 mica/metallic finishes, and 3 faux zinc finishes. The faux zinc finishes in particular are hugely popular due to their superior quality. See them for yourself by ordering free samples here.

Our special-order range of finishes includes our standard but non-stocking finish series. This series includes painted solid colors, pattern finishes such as woodgrains, faux corten and other rust finishes as well as chromatic color shifting finishes, and natural metals like copper, zinc, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum finishes. 


How do Fairview’s custom colors and finishes work for metal cladding material? 

At Fairview we understand that each and every engineering project is unique and often requires custom finishes for the metal cladding panels. So, while we have many high-quality colors and finishes to choose from that are in stock, the majority of what we supply are custom finishes. We are happy to help create the custom look that you need! 

To create custom colors and finishes, we can either exactly custom match a specified paint color or match an adjacent color such as a custom extrusion color. For this process, we submit a paint chip to our lab to be matched. The lab results are then sent to the client for approval prior to releasing them for production.  

Please note that the color-matching capabilities at Fairview are not just limited to our two-coat and three-coat solid mica and metallic finishes. We are able to leverage our industry-leading finish capabilities to develop incredibly close color, pattern, and texture matches to other materials—whether it’s brick, stone, wood, concrete, or another cladding product. 

Take a look at the projects in our reference section below to give you some idea of just some of the types of projects that our team has helped with regard to tailoring colors to suit specific design needs for the metal cladding material chosen for the buildings exterior.

Take a look at some of Fairview’s metal cladding project references that use custom colors and finishes 

In addition to The Stella project with the Ivory Concrete custom finish that we mentioned earlier, here are some more of the stunning custom match projects that we have worked on with our customers:

CSX Eastthis project in Washington, DC was a huge custom job requiring 7 different rust finishes for the metal cladding material on the exterior. We worked closely with R2L Architects and our color lab to develop each individual rust color required. Find out more about this project here.

The popularity of the finishes for the CSX East project led us to create The Rust Collection. You can request free samples of any or all of these finishes here.

14 Le Count/The Stella – This project in New Rochelle, NY and designed by Beyer Blinder Belle required a concrete finish for the metal facade product that could mimic the look of real concrete.  What we developed was a finish called “Ivory Concrete”. 142,000sf panels of this finish on our Vitrabond FR alongside accents of “Pewter Metallic” and “Anthrazit Grey” add an elegant touch to the exterior. Find out more about this project here.

808-812 Memorial Drive – When you want to refresh two 1970s apartment buildings in Cambridge, MA, what better way to do it than by recladding the existing exteriors with 240,000 sf of Vitrabond FR Metal Cladding Panels in three custom colors: “Clay”, “Sedona” and match to “Pantone 41-6U”. Find out more about this project here.

San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (SYLPOE) – the SYLPOE is well-known for being the busiest land border crossing in the whole of North America. For this project, 168,297 sf of our Vitraplate 3mm solid aluminum cladding was used in a variety of custom finishes including , Cyberspace, Network Grey, Dynamic Blue & Grey Screen. Find out more about this project here.

Upenn – the unique design on the award-winning  Stephan A. Levin building at the University of Pennsylvania could not have been achieved without the development of custom finishes for the metal cladding material. Vitrabond panels were used on the exterior in Aria White, Nordic Green Pre-Patina Copper and Cannon Grey. Find out more about this project here.

Brandeis University – the Skyline Residence at Bradeis University is a classy-looking construction thanks to the development of a Deep Taupe custom finish specifically designed by our lab in conjunction with the project design team. The individual finish gives this building a unique and sophisticated look for the metal cladding material on the exterior. Find out more about this project here.


Contact us about Custom Finishes for your metal cladding projects today 

At Fairview, one of our main aims is to enable architectural designers to merge the aesthetic quality of any products with the durability and cost benefits of a composite metal panel system or metal cladding material. All we need is a physical sample of the control finish (not matter how small) and a little time to develop a match. 

So, while Fairview’s published color chart is a great starting point for your design journey, it is by no means reflective of the limits of our color and finish capabilities. We can literally create whatever you need! The only limit is your imagination! 

Feel free to reach out about our custom color and finish matching services today. We’d love to help you achieve your next metal panel project.  

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We offer a free sample service where you can choose from a range of colors and finishes. 

Here are some most popular ones.

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