Fairview Architectural Launches Continuous Insulation System RapidWrap CI

Apr 28, 2021Blogs, Product News, RapidWrap CI

New product innovation from Fairview improves thermal performance and energy efficiency in buildings


Fairview Architectural announces today the launch of their latest product innovation, RapidWrap CI, a continuous insulation system that will ensure thermal performance and energy efficiency in future building constructions.


The demand for energy efficiencies solutions for tomorrow’s building designs is increasing due to increasing energy costs and customers look for solutions to reduce them. The term “continuous insulation” system has been around for several years but has only recently started to gain popularity within the construction market.  Continuous insulation refers to insulation that is not broken by thermal bridging as this is key to eliminating unnecessary gaps and significantly reduce the amount of heat transfer therefore improving energy efficiency.


Gaps are not completely avoidable in buildings as they require windows and doors, but RapidWrap CI ensures that your wall build up can achieve the best overall thermal performance. Fairview’s provides multiple options to designers and specifiers that are fully-tested to NFPA-285 and ASHRAE 90.1 compliancy. These systems use the Arrowhead non-sequential installation system, compliant polyiso insulation and cladding panels: Vitrabond FR, Vitrabond G2 and Vitraplate.


“Although we started out as a façade cladding manufacturer, Fairview has grown into a single-source provider offering not only metal cladding panels but also flashing material and revolutionary non-sequential installation systems. We have had RapidWrap CI under development for over a year since seeing the need for improvements in thermal efficiency and knowing how our products could be used with polyiso insulation to provide maximum benefits,” explains Fairview’s General Manager, Jerry Fossey.


Fairview have been at the forefront of product innovation in façade cladding offering two of the first fully non-combustible cladding solutions to the industry: Vitrabond G2, a dimpled aluminum core technology that looks exactly like traditional composite material and Vitraplate 3mm solid aluminum that also looks the same as composite but offers superior performance benefits.


Find out more about RapidWrap CI here.


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