Can you recycle aluminum composite panels?

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Sustainability is a hot topic in all industries around the world at the moment and for good reason. However, within the construction market, it is a little-known fact that aluminum composite materials (ACM) provide a high level of environmental protection. This is because these products, unlike other cladding materials, are 100% recyclable including into other construction products making a truly circular economy.

When and why to recycle?

Although it is true that aluminum composite panels last for a long time, nothing lasts forever and there will always be a need for ACM panels to be recycled for several reasons such as:

  • The building has a new owner/tenant and they want to replace the panels with their own corporate branding colors.
  • The building owner wants to refresh the exterior by replacing some or all of the current cladding panels with new colors and finishes.

Whether it be one of these reasons or another, the decision to replace can be done with the peace of mind that the ACM panels can be 100% recycled and manufactured into new building materials.

How are aluminum composite panels recycled?

For aluminum composite panels to be successfully recycled and returned to the manufacturing process, it is crucial that the following steps and special devices are followed:

  1. Aluminum composite panels are crushed and ground using specialized equipment.
  2. Aluminum content is separated from composite material using pulse air and electrostatic separation.

Recycle and reuse

Once the separation of materials has been completed, the recycled material can then be sent back into the manufacturing process and be used to make new building materials. The ability to be recycled repeatedly and indefinitely makes aluminum composite panels a truly renewable resource.

Popular uses for these recycled materials include bollards, cable covers, flexible formwork and aluminum horseshoe shims.

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