9 Reasons Why Using the Arrowhead System Can Help You Complete More Projects in 2023

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Fairview is the only ACM/MCM manufacturer that offers a fully patented and tested installation system: Arrowhead. The Arrowhead system was designed in 2017 by industry professionals as a more efficient solution to traditional (sequential) installation systems.

Arrowhead is a full rain screen tested installation system. It is rated for AAMA 508 and AAMA 509 and is also hurricane-rated and Miami Dade-rated.

The Arrowhead system was engineered to save costs and labor time, increasing your productivity and allowing you to get more jobs done each year. It is a premium system because of its innovation, flexibility, and ease of install.

We currently offer three Arrowhead systems, FLEX, LEAN, and FLUSH, with more options currently in development. Our Arrowhead packages include versatile facade materials, fully tested labor-saving installation and manufacturer’s in-house training programs.

Keep reading to learn all about Arrowhead.

The revolutionary Arrowhead t-clip
Our Arrowhead systems use a revolutionary t-clip that fastens the panel to the wall. Our patented t-clip is what makes the arrowhead system so innovative. It allows the system to be non-progressive.

Since the system is non-progressive, you can add or remove panels independently without affecting the integrity of the structure. This can save you and your installers a lot of time, labor, and money.

The t-clip secures the panels to the base extrusion. The clip slots into the extrusion, and you then use our specialty tool to lock the panels into place. It only takes one t-clip to lock a panel to the wall. That means that Arrowhead installation is a one-person-job for smaller projects.

9 key benefits of the Arrowhead system
The Arrowhead system is truly revolutionary. Here are some of the major benefits of the Arrowhead system and why you need it for your next project:

1. It is the only true non-progressive tested AAMA 508 and AAMA 509 compliant rain screen system for metal panels. It is also hurricane rated and Miami-Dade rated.

2. It cuts costs. Because the Arrowhead system is fast and easy to fabricate and install, it can be done in just days instead of weeks, which significantly reduces labor costs and saves labor time. You can also have multiple crews on site because the panels do not have to be installed progressively, which is great for short turnaround times.

3. It is time saving. You can shorten your project schedule by up to 50% with Arrowhead. The system reduces the number of steps in the drafting and fabrication process and eliminates the need to re-verify your field measurements.

4. It is non-sequential / non-progressive. The “any panel in any sequence” system eliminates the risk of getting held up by other trades on the job site. Your installers can start at anytime and anywhere and other trades, such as electricians, can do work on their own timeline because they can simply and easily remove any panels they need to.

5. It has quick lead times. Our Arrowhead range is in stock at our warehouse in Bloomfield, Connecticut and is available for immediate delivery to anywhere in North America or Canada.

6. It is easy to install. The non-sequential system makes it possible for measurements to be taken from the installed base extrusions and sent directly to the fabricator.

7. It is easy to replace panels. If you have a damaged panel, you can simply remove and re-install the single panel without compromising the integrity of the system or having to remove other panels.

8. It is versatile. The FLEX system accommodates different depths of panels so you can add complexity to your façade design while using the same simple mounting system.

9. It is compatible. Arrowhead systems are compatible with our ACM/MCM products: Vitrabond, Vitrabond G2, and Vitraplate, as well as other industry brands.


Arrowhead FLEX System
The Arrowhead FLEX System is our most common system. It allows for different depths of panels. It is aesthetically like traditional rain screen systems and has the same features, however, is designed to significantly reduce installation and labor costs. With the FLEX System, the base wall extrusions are shimmed and attached to the exterior wall first. The extrusions are then used to take the measurements for the panels to be placed straight onto the extrusion and held in place by the t-clips.

Arrowhead LEAN System
The Arrowhead LEAN System takes all the benefits of the more traditional Arrowhead FLEX system and combines them with an extremely simplified fabrication process. No rivets are used to hold the panels to the frame. Instead, a double groove and slow system is used to secure the frame extrusion. There are less steps in the process, which increases production speed.

Currently the LEAN System is limited to a 1-inch reveal, so it cannot accommodate panels of different depths.

Arrowhead FLUSH System
The Arrowhead FLUSH system provides a minimalist look with shallow reveals and is easy to fabricate. The FLUSH system offers a clean aesthetic for a truly modern finish to your building façade.

The FLUSH System is mainly used for interior designs because of its sleek look, but it can be used for exteriors as well. It provides extremely small joints and has a flush panel look. The FLUSH System has the same features and ratings as the LEAN and FLEX systems.


Award-winning results

And if you need a 10th reason, Arrowhead can help you develop an award-winning project just like Capitol Vista that recently won the 2021 NAHB Best in American Living Platinum Award in the Affordable, Multifamily category at the Collaborative Vision for Design Equity Awards. This project features Arrowhead FLEX with our Vitrabond FR panels.

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