7 reasons you need to use Vitraplate aluminum cladding panels on your next project

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At Fairview Architectural, we love to talk about our Vitraplate 3mm solid aluminum cladding panels. Over the years, we’ve worked with many fabricators and have worked hard to learn what issues are most important to getting the job done well. We are passionate about enabling our network of fabricators to improve production efficiencies, reduce risk, and save money. And our Vitraplate products do just that.

Vitraplate solves many of the issues fabricators experience with traditional fabrication. Therefore, it is one of Fairview’s fastest-growing product lines. But what makes Vitraplate such a great product line? This article will discuss the 7 reasons why you should consider using Vitraplate for your next project.

What is Vitraplate?
Vitraplate is Fairview’s pre-finished solid aluminum cladding panel product. It is coated with the same industry-leading PVDF coil coated paint system that our popular Vitrabond materials are coated. Vitraplate can also be coated with an anodized finish.

Vitraplate is available in 3mm (1/8 inch) thicknesses and widths up to 62 inches. Custom widths are also available upon request.

Vitraplate panels are pre-finished. That, combined with the flexibility of the PVDF coating, means Vitraplate panels do not require fabrication prior to coating. This greatly reduces lead times and limits potential damages and construction costs.

Vitraplate aluminum cladding panels are durable, high impact-resistant, and can also be curved, rolled, perforated, and fabricated into custom shapes.

What are the benefits of using Vitraplate?
Over the years, we’ve learned what challenges fabricators often face with traditional plate fabrication. So, we’ve developed our Vitraplate products to solve for these challenges.

Vitraplate has many benefits:
• Easy-to-source sheets
• No need to send individual panels out for post-painting
• Reduced logistical challenges
• Shorter lead times
• Lower material costs
• Superior finish quality
• Greatly reduced risk

Fairview provides our single-skin aluminum plate products already finished, which eliminates the risk and the hassle of post painting mill-finished aluminum. Fairview also provides flexibility and quick turnaround times by having close to 1 million pounds of mill-finished aluminum coil in stock in our warehouse at all times.

Also, our Vitraplate products are shipped and delivered just like ACM: pre-finished with protective film applied and ready to fabricate.

Contact us today to get started on your next project
At Fairview Architectural North America, we are proud of our Vitraplate product line. We offer the greatest selection of colors and finish options in the industry and are dedicated to the timely and consistent delivery of innovative façades that exceed the requirements and vision of each project.

Does the information above sound good to you? Reach out to us today to learn more about our Vitraplate product line. We’d love to discuss how we can help on your next plate project.

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