4 reasons you may like to consider a clear anodized finish for your next project

Mar 2, 2021Blogs, Edgeline, Finishes, Product News, Vitraplate

As manufacturers of aluminum cladding products, it may come as no surprise that we like many in the industry are fans of the clear anodized finish. This finish enables the aluminum panel to shine and gives it a superior brightness which can be an eye-catching feature on a building facade.


Firstly, if you are not familiar with anodizing aluminum, the process requires the aluminum to be fully prepped with a chemical solution. The anodization processes then occurs when the aluminum receives an electric charge which creates a thick anodic oxide layer on to the sheet. The addition of this oxide layer makes the material more rigid as well as corrosion resistant. This transformation can also be done using a variety of dyes and by adjusting the alloy, such as the ones used to create our Dark Bronze Anodized, Anodic Satin Black and Weathered Grey finishes.


The term clear anodized aluminum specifically refers to aluminum material that has gone through the above anodizing process. However, although it is referred to as clear, the anodization process does not actually mean that the aluminum is clear. On the contrary, it simply refers to the fact that the aluminum has gone through the process without a dye.


As mentioned above, there are many different anodized finishes on the market, but we have chosen to focus on clear anodized for this blog post. Below are the four main reasons that we think you should consider this finish for your next project.


1. Guaranteed Consistent Finish

Traditional anodized sheet products are susceptible to variation of finish, not only between batches but even from one sheet to the next. This is due to the fact they are individually dipped into a chemical bath for a certain amount of time. Fairview has overcome this issue by using a continuous coil anodizing process. This ensures that the material is accurately and evenly anodized so that every sheet produced is of the same color, quality and consistency.


2. Durability

The process of anodizing aluminum gives the sheets an extremely durable finish. This allows them to resist the elements such as wind, sunlight, pollution when used as an exterior cladding solution.


3. Superior Quality

Fairview is known for providing superior quality products, and our special continuous-processed clear anodized finish is available on all our pre-finished architectural products: Vitrabond, Vitraplate and Edgeline. Therefore, we are able to offer an industry leading 30-year warranty (subject to project location).  Please contact our team for specific warranty enquiries.


4. Aesthetically Pleasing

In its undyed state, anodized aluminum, or clear anodized aluminum, naturally becomes more transparent and attractive. This process allows for the anodized aluminum to have a shimmery appearance which makes it an attractive option for use as part of a building façade design.


What’s your next step?

Now that you have read the above benefits, why not consider clear anodized for your next project? Contact our helpful sales and technical team for support. We also have a large inventory of clear anodized and other anodized materials in stock for quick shipping to any location in the US.

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