The Benefits Of Coil Coating For Exterior Facade Use

Designing the exterior facade is the fun part, but getting your building from blueprint to ribbon-cutting requires a marathon of attention to detail. To get the look you want plus the durability your clients need and the ease-of-use your contractors demand, you need to pick the right cladding material. Metal panels fit the bill, and with the right coating, they can serve a nearly endless number of design purposes. Coil coating provides a range of benefits that make it a superior choice for exterior facade use.


Before the colorful finished product reaches your worksite, the metal used in your exterior panels arrives in a gigantic coil or roll from steel and aluminum rolling mills. As this coil is unwound at the factory where the coating is applied, the long sheet of metal is pulled through a highly specialized machine that cleans it, primes it and paints it before winding it all back up again at the end of the process. The continuous nature of this manufacturing process is incredibly efficient and leads to a high-quality final product.


The high-tech coil coating process creates metal panels with many advantages over ones that need to be painted after installation:

  • Durability: Because it’s pre-painted, a coil coated finish is less likely to be breached by weather, UV rays or installation errors. The coating is continuous, rather than having joints and edges that can result in a post-painted product. Coil coatings protect the metal from corrosion for a long-lasting, waterproof finish.
  • Uniformity: The highly-controlled factory process ensures that every panel you order is the exact same color — no need to worry about different dye lots or formula changes. Each section of the long coil of metal is also primed and cured in the same way, so the thickness, sheen and durability of the final product is the same on every portion of your order.
  • Sustainability: Metal is one of the most readily recycled construction materials in the world, and coil coated metal panels are often made from recycled materials. The coating process also captures VOCs to reduce air pollution and exceed EPA standards.
  • Adaptability: Those amazing metal coils can be used to make any length of the final product. This reduces the need for awkward joints and seams that can subtly break up the look of your design. Larger, customized panels also require less handling and modification during installation, which may even save labor costs.
  • Flexibility: Coil coated finishes that use Kynar PVDF resin are flexible enough to be formed after painting, allowing manufacturers to bend and mold the panels to exact design specifications without cracking the paint — a major improvement over traditional spray finishes. These panels can be fabricated either on site or in the shop, depending on your needs.
  • Versatility: There are several ways to work with coil coated metal, depending on your contractors’ preferences and expertise. Adhesives and  mechanical fastening are all possible with this product. Vitrabond also offers a virtually endless array of colors and finishes, including various metallic looks and simulated wood and stone finishes. Custom matches are also available, so your imagination is your only limit in bringing your design to life.

Because there’s simply nothing out there as durable and beautiful as Vitrabond metal composite panels, be sure to spec Vitrabond for your exterior facades. Coil coating makes all the difference, and we’re happy to show you more about this fascinating process.

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