Arrowhead and the SUNY Cortland Park Center Skating Rink

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Blogs, Featured, Project Updates

How Arrowhead enabled a faultless performance on an ice rink project and a standing ovation from the installation company’s finance department Flynn Battaglia Architect’s design for the SUNY Cortland Park Center Skating Rink project was for the cross-section joints on the building’s façade to symbolize skate lines on an ice rink. To achieve the desired outcome and bring this design to fruition would require an installation system that could rise to the challenge. Charles F Evans Co Inc, were chosen as both fabricator and installer for the project. They were also the ones to decide from several different extrusion systems, which one would be right for this project. They settled on Arrowhead even though they had not worked with it before, but it could guarantee the accurate and easy joint alignment required to achieve the design and it was also able to make the field dimensioning seamless.                    

In the photos above, the cross-section joint is seamless over multiple rows and columns of panels

  “Having worked in the industry for many years, we knew that this project would need a system that ensured a high level of accuracy to achieve the specific requirements of the design. The Arrowhead system could guarantee this level of accuracy and it also had some other benefits that we had not anticipated,” commented Bill Burge of Charles F Evans Co Inc. In addition to providing accuracy on the installation, the Arrowhead system also provided Charles F Evans Co Inc with an overall project cost saving of 15-20% on their usual installation costs. This saving was largely due to the reduced amount of labor required to complete the project. As Arrowhead allows for non-sequential installation of panels, there is no waiting around on site for the next sequential panel as whatever is ready can be installed. This financial benefit is not restricted to this project but to any project that uses the Arrowhead system. It is a finance department’s dream.   Non-sequential installation is made possible by the extrusions being installed first and the measurements for panels being taken from the installed base extrusions. This means that any panel can be installed as soon as they arrive on the job site. Installers then use the revolutionary T-clip to secures the panel being installed in place and then the next panel can be simply slotted in next to it when ready. Prior to starting the project, Charles F Evans Co’s team underwent Fairview’s Arrowhead training as all Arrowhead installers must be authorized before working with the system. This training is essential to ensure a full understanding of the potential of the system and also the many rewards and benefits that it has over a traditional system. Bill Burge added: “The training was great. It helped us pick up on potential issues ahead of starting on site. By the time we started installing, we were ready”. We provide a monthly Arrowhead newsletter to keep customers and contacts up-to-date on projects and other useful information including tips on how to use the system to maximize its many benefits. If you would like to receive this simply sign-up here. Alternatively, if you have any queries about the Arrowhead system; would like to sign up for the authorized installer training course or would like a refresher course on your earlier training, please reach out to us.

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