5 reasons why you need to become an Arrowhead-Certified Installer today

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Arrowhead, Blogs

Our Arrowhead system is the only fully patented and tested rain screen installation system offered by an ACM/MCM manufacturer.

We currently offer three Arrowhead systems: FLEX, LEAN, and FLUSH, with more options currently in development. Our Arrowhead packages include versatile facade materials, fully tested labor-saving installation and manufacturer’s in-house training programs.

Benefits of the Arrowhead System vs. Traditional rain screen installation systems
Arrowhead is an efficient, nonsequential solution that was engineered to save costs and labor time. It is rated for AAMA 508 and AAMA 509. It is also hurricane-rated and Miami Dade-rated.

Compared to traditional systems, the Arrowhead System features:
• A shorter fabrication process with fewer steps
• Fewer measurements
• Less renderings
• Non-progressive install
• A shorter lead-time to the job site

Why should you become an Arrowhead-Certified Installer?
That all sounds great, but why should you or your company invest in becoming an Arrowhead-Certified installer? For one, installers cannot purchase or install Arrowhead products without being certified first.

If that’s not convincing enough, here are some additional benefits you can expect after becoming an Arrowhead-Certified Installer:
• Continuous support from our Arrowhead team
• Job referrals pushed to you
• Increased productivity (up to 40%)
• Access to new products in the Arrowhead family upon release (don’t need to be re-certified)

What does the Arrowhead certification process involve?
The training to become an Arrowhead-certified installer is important because Arrowhead does not install like traditional systems. It is important to ensure that the benefits of Arrowhead are achieved with the installation.

There are two key components of the training: an online theory class component that takes about 2.5 hours and can be completed at your own pace, and a practical session that can be completed in your own workshop.

The online portion has 5 key modules, including:
• Intro to Arrowhead
• Components and tools
• Understanding the rainscreen principle
• Fabrication instructions
• Panel assembly instructions

The practical training includes:
• A mock-up wall build
• Small corner panel assessment

Is there a recertification process?
Recertification is required annually to ensure that you and your team are still properly installing the Arrowhead system. Also, new employees are required to be trained before their first installation project so that they can work efficiently and effectively with the Arrowhead system.

What options for training packages are there?
There are 3 types of training packages that differ in size and price:
• Package A offers training on the small panel system
• Package B offers training on the 6×6 mock-up wall
• The Promoter package offers more options for training, including the flat mock-up wall, the corner mock-up wall, and the corner panel

Become an Arrowhead-Certified Installer today
Contact us today to learn more about how you can become an Arrowhead-certified Installer and start using our premium Arrowhead systems on your next job.

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